Tuesday, September 13, 2005


A Sister Project of The Traveling Bonfires and The Indie

Third World Asheville is a newly-conceived community organization that advocates/pursues/crusades women concerns and issues, and is fronted and initiated by women but not necessarily gender exclusive. The organization enjoins both sexes to forge a synergetic/collaborative relationship towards the common good of the community, in the micro, and the global village, in the macro.

TWA is still on its formative and recruitment phase. It hasn’t focused its energy and concentration yet on specific concerns, ie wholistic humanity, sociopolitical advocacy, domestic/family issues, etc. The last half of the year is primarily devoted to publicity, promotions, interest-generation, and hopefully, recruitment.

Moreover, the organization’s guiding principles and project programming essentially focus on sociocultural realities in Third World countries and societies. Hence, a multicultural perspective to current women issues easily becomes the dominant heartbeat that gives life to TWA.

For the meantime, with the help of its partner projects-The Traveling Bonfires and The Indie-TWA hopes to attract community interest, gather interested individuals and (possibly collaborating) organizations through a series of musical/artistic/cultural meetings/gathering, events and activities. This, while we help like-minded organizations and advocates to help direct attention and concern towards current 3rd World women issues and problems. Aside from a concert series featuring local and visiting women acts and performers, we also plan to organize lecture series, outdoor workshops, internet interface among women from different cultures and countries, and filmshows & exhibits.


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