Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Apologies, Announcements, Add-ons

[1] In behalf of The Traveling Bonfires in Asheville, I'd like to send my apologies to those who were inconvenienced by untoward, sad circumstances emanating from the "Bonfires for Peace in Manila, Part 1" that was held in Mayric's last Oct 14. The organization entrusted full financial responsibilities/supervision--from money remitted from the US to Manila--to line producer Jeramie Joy ("Jaja") Campos of Tag Team Productions. As of this writing, we haven't any clue about the very details how the budget was executed, implemented and paid--all we know is one band wasn't paid at all. We tried our best to communicate with Ms Campos, in the last three weeks, but to no avail.

Hence, we are officially announcing that The Traveling Bonfires in Manila is not, in any way, connected with Ms Campos and her production outfit, any longer. So any transactions that she may go into in regards past and future Bonfires projects are deemed irrelevant. All past responsibilities and duties--from the Oct 14/Mayric's show--that her "absence" or "misappropriation" may have caused shall be attended to through either Donna Phoebe Pascua [] or Duane Lucas Pascua []. They can be contacted at this number, 628-2406.

[2] The second part/s of the "Bonfires for Peace in Manila" are still happening, as previously planned--this Dec. We are currently negotiating with 70s Bistro (Anonas, QC) and Conspiracy (Visayas Ave., QC) for a two-part Bonfires semi-acoustic/poetry event/s. We will also announce in a few days or weeks our new Bonfires coordinator in Manila, who will be working with both Donna and Duane.

Maraming salamat.

--Pasckie Pascua
3:16am. 2 Nov 05
Asheville, North Carolina


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